Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our 1st Anniversary

Trent and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary over the weekend, it was so great to get away and spend time alone with my Hubby. We went to Vegas and stayed in the Stratosphere for 3 nights in such a great room. Thursday night we walked the strip, which did not end well! Our hotel was so far away from everything. So with all that walking my foot started to hurt so bad I didn't want to put any weight on it. We still had the entire way back to our hotel. For the rest of the weekend I did'nt want to walk anywhere. But Trent and I still had fun!

Friday was our Anniversary, Trent had M&Ms made that said i love you forever and other cute words, and later that day we went a Firehouse Concert in St. George.
They are one of my favorite 80's bands, we play a couple of there songs at our Wedding Reception it was really fun to hear them play those songs live....

After the Firehouse concert we ate our cake topper, it was actually pretty good!!! I can't believe it had been a year.

Saturday of our weekend we just stayed at our hotel, because I didn't want to walk all around Vegas. We hung out up at the top of the Stratosphere and I rode the rides! Trent is scared of heights so I rode them by myself.

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Andy and Katie Crandall said...

yeah!!! i'm glad to see you finally updated!!! Congrats on the one year! Looks like you had alot of fun in vegas!